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Why Bank with us?

The Bank of Asia, along with its business partners, offers the following distinctive value propositions to our clients:



Dedication to serving companies and individuals associated with the BVI and other off shore jurisdictions, as well as selected high-net-worth clients around the world.

Compliance Expertise

Expertise in handling legal and regulatory compliance mandates, especially those relevant to offshore entities, such as CRS and economic substance requirements.

Comprehensive products & services

A comprehensive range of commercial banking, merchant banking and wealth management products and services at competitive rates.

Extensive Network

An extensive network of industry partners for client referrals and fulfillments across a wide spectrum of financial, professional and personal lifestyle services.

Professional advisory

Banking and investment advisory and structured finance services by a team of seasoned banking professionals, assisted by advanced FinTech tools.

Strong CSP collaboration

Collaboration with leading corporate service providers (CSP) to assist clients in setting up companies, opening bank accounts, filing tax returns and more.

Secure operating environment

A secure and trusted operating environment, with high privacy, for clients to meet their banking needs, preserve their wealth and implement appropriate asset growth strategies.

Exchange idea platform

A platform for the client community to exchange views, share ideas and discuss issues related to on and off shore banking developments, and other topics of interest.