Bank of Asia Donates US$50,000 to BVI Youth Empowerment Programme

20 Jul 2018


British Virgin Islands

Press Release

20 July 2018 | British Virgin Islands - Bank of Asia (BVI) Limited, one of the world’s first fully digital global cross-border banks and the first of its kind in the British Virgin Islands ("BVI"), yesterday delivered the first in a series of five annual donations totaling US$50,000 to the Youth Empowerment Programme ("YEP") of the BVI.

At a ceremony for the presentation of the cheque to YEP Executive Director, Stacy Mather, Chairman and Founder of Bank of Asia, Carson Wen, said: "We wanted to take this opportunity today to give back to the community which has welcomed us so warmly. This contribution is intended to help fund the YEP afterschool programmes, which aim to provide youngsters in the BVI with opportunities to engage in healthy activity and learning with their peers in a safe environment."

YEP is a privately funded youth center that opened in May 2007 and provides opportunities and activities for young people, without fees or tuition. The programme is available to boys and girls ages eight to 16 in the East End/ Long Look/Fat Hog's Bay area of Tortola and offers the first dedicated youth facility in the BVI. YEP provides Education Assistance, Sports, Health and Life Skills, Creative Arts, Leadership Development Opportunities, as well as Environmental, Cultural and specialised programmes.

YEP Executive Director, Stacy Mather, said: "We would like to thank the Bank of Asia for its five-year commitment to ensuring that the lives of the youth in the territory are impacted in a meaningful way. Youth development and out-of-school time programmes offer guided paths towards a brighter future for our youth. Through corporate partners like the Bank of Asia, more youth will be engaged in activities that improve their outlook on life, while developing skills in leadership development, health and wellness, education, sports, environmental and cultural awareness. As our community moves forward after the devastation of the 2017 Hurricane, investments in youth related programmes like YEP are vital to creating hope and opportunities. YEP remains committed to providing international programmes in a safe environment for our young people."

Commenting, Bank of Asia's Deon Vanterpool, Senior Manager (Corporate), said: "We are deeply impressed with the BVI’s commitment to educating its children to be able to flourish in an increasingly competitive and technologically advanced workforce. By investing in young people, Bank of Asia is delivering on its promise to help with the health, well-being, and education of young people in our community."

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