Future of FinTech and BVI’s Strides, Asia Pacific Forum 2018

11 Apr 2018


Hong Kong

Founder and Chairman of Bank of Asia (BVI) Limited Carson Wen was invited to be a panelist at the China Daily special session as part of the The China Daily Asia leadership Roundtable on the theme, Digital Silk Road. He shared his views about the digitalization of the Silk Road as part of the Belt-and-Road initiative. He reminded that the digital development of the industry is a pillar of the initiative. He also pointed out that, alarmingly, there are over 2 billion people with phones but no bank accounts, noting that this is an opportunity for the masses to be financially included.

Upon discussion on the possibility of the standardization of trade in a singular cryptocurrency, as suggested by Zhou Li, publisher and editor-in-chief of China Daily Asia Pacific, Mr. Carson Wen suggested the concept of a testing ground – a “sandbox”, to surface possible teething issues.

When another issue was brought up regarding the lackluster situation of computer programming in graduates, Mr. Carson Wen shared the British Virgin Islands’ plans in introducing new subjects into local schools - Chinese language and coding, effectively and proactively addressing that issue.

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