Kenneth Morgan

Kenneth Morgan


Kenneth Morgan is a Non-Executive Director of Bank of Asia. He has worked in the BVI Financial Services sector for almost 20 years. Prior to coming to the BVI he worked in the Cayman Islands and Bermuda with major international banks, including several years as a Senior Vice President at the Bank of Butterfield, Bermuda, where he was responsible for all trust, investment and mutual fund services.

Mr. Morgan came to the BVI to act as Executive Director of Rawlinson & Hunter Limited, part of an international group of trust and accounting firms specialising in international tax and estate planning. While there he was largely responsible for all marketing efforts and travelled extensively promoting the firm and the services offered from the BVI.

Since July 2016 Mr. Morgan has established a consulting and advisory company, Pendragon Services Limited, which provides administration facilities for BVI companies as well as making efforts to promote the benefits of the BVI financial services sector.

Mr. Morgan is a previous Chairman of the BVI Finance Limited Board of Directors and Vice Chairman of STEP BVI as well as a past president of the BVI Association of Registered Agents. He has also served on a number of committees designed to support and improve the BVI financial services sector including:

  • Premier's Financial Services Task Force;
  • Marketing Advisory Committee of BVI Finance; and
  • Financial Services Business Development Committee.

Mr. Morgan has been a regular speaking at international business conferences and has had several articles published in specialist periodicals.

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